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Discover the new "Brace",
the King of roasted hams

Renzini presents the King of roasted hams: “Brace”, a high quality roast ham prepared according the most ancient culinary traditions of Umbria. Manufactured in accordance with the techniques handed down from generation to generation, the ham is deboned by hand by skilled butchers, hand tied with linen ties in the typical star shape than steamed and finally roasted in refractory oven.

Gluten free, lactose free, with no milk proteins “ Brace” is produced with the use of simple ingredients to achieve an authentic and genuine taste in the respect of the Umbrian tradition.

The unmistakable exalting baked taste and flavour, the tenderness and succulence of the meat make this new “Brace” the King of the roasted hams.

“Brace” is now available also in the comfortable easy-opening tray, freshly sliced, to enjoy at any time.