• Culatello cut, without shank
  • High quality
  • Double cooking: first steamed and then dry-cooked in porchetta ovens
  • Hand-tied with linen string
  • Seasoned with Aromatic herbs
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose and milk-protein free

“Il Brace taglio Culatello alle Erbe” is a new Renzini High Quality Roast Ham whose preparation is enriched by the addition of Aromatic herbs. It is completely handmade and is first steamed, then drycooked in porchetta ovens. A delicate, aromatic taste and scent of herbs. Its practical small size, culatello cut without shank and its ready-to-slice format ensure high yield while minimising waste. Its crust gives it a roasted flavour, we recommend not trimming it. The herbs penetrate the meat and you can taste their flavour and aroma even after the rind has been removed.