Sir Renzini

ambassador of Norcineria charcuterie

The idea of dressing Sir Renzini up as "Mastro Dante" came about when he was invited to appear on a popular television programme.
Mastro Dante is without a doubt one of the company's most representative figures. Born into a family with generations of norcineria pork butchery experience, he was a highly skilled person, a master pork butcher we would go so far as to define a veritable icon of the Italian charcuterie world. He successfully reinvented himself and his company over time, offering special recipes and high quality products. He passed down a fascinating and complex norcineria charcuterie heritage which embraces all preparation phases, spanning from
the first few days of game life, right up to the table.

From pig-farm to restaurant.

Renzini production chain


Natural feed, care and respect for animals

Ama Norcia

The ethical discipline Renzini

In name of the great participation in the campaign for the reconstruction of the LUI Ham Factory, following the earthquake of 31 October 2016 in Norcia and Val Nerina, has been launched the brand AMA NORCIA which represents the commitment of Renzini Alta Norcineria to its region, beyond the emergency caused by the earthquake.

Our willingness to keep alive the attention for the community is represented in this brand as a permanent commitment that for 20 years has bound us to our region and to its inhabitants. A symbol which distinguishes our products made entirely in Norcia. The authenticity of our commitment becomes in this way an ethical discipline.

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Un mattone per ripartire

High quality training is developed in collaboration with the prestigious Istituto di formazione Università dei Sapori - The University of Flavours Education Institution

Bottega Renzini NorcinArte is also a training school for norcineria pork charcutiers and chefs. Monthly three and five day courses enable participants to discover the history and values which underpin the Renzini ethos, which can then be put into practice during seminars which focus on gourmet cookery as well as the management/ enlivenment of retail outlets.
Become a Master Norcineria Charcutier

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