gReen project

Renzini is committed to passing on Norcia’s tradition of a healthy lifestyle in symbiosis with nature and an environment protected from the threats of pollution.

We have started a virtuous path towards sustainable production and reduced non-recyclable waste, well-aware that no one can escape such an important challenge. Our contribution to a better planet starts here.

Clean and
renewable energy

The Montecastelli plant will be mainly powered by clean and renewable energy, thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels.

Low impact

The new LUI Ham Factory has been designed to integrate perfectly into the landscape of the surrounding Sibillini mountains.


We work to progressively reduce the use of plastic in our packaging.
The new MAP trays are made with 100% totally recyclable PET.
Our packages are increasingly nature-friendly.

range livestock

Our semi-free-range rearing system reduces the amount of CO2 produced compared to intensive animal husbandry. Moreover, natural feeding means a sustainable production chain free of harmful waste, thereby improving the quality of our products.