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Ingredients and recipes for charcuterie laden with original flavours.

Our exclusive recipes in a new gourmet style for a unique flavour experience. Natural flavours and ingredients add earth flavours to the meat in accordance with diverse seasoning methods. The resulting products are sophisticated, rooted in the local area and capable of creating a full blown sensory experience when tasted. Top quality cured meats with an unforgettable flavour.

All the goodness and decisive flavour of wild boar, brought to you by Renzini

SoloRe is the brand name for Renzini’s wild boar based product range. It is an exclusive, gourmet recipe which involves careful meat working, red beer in the final phase and the addition of juniper and laurel making for unique softness and aromas.

Altre Specialità

Renzini completes its own range of products with other delicious specialities.
The rediscovery of historic Umbrian recipes was the origin of “I segreti di Mastro Dante”: a range of unique ragouts in jars and ready to use.
Made with selected and controlled milks, Renzini’s cheese are available in fresh, semi mature and mature versions.
They are excellent eaten alone and together with jams and chutneys.
Renzini’s table oils are made with carefully selected olives with a preference for mixed olive variety oils.
They have a pronounced flavour and the range also includes fine, flavoured oils.